They Want To Push Equality Backwards. With Your Help, We Won't Let Them.


LGBT and abortion rights are causes in common — causes under siege from the same right-wing politicians who led the anti-LGBT backlash this past year while also pushing dangerous anti-abortion legislation. Florida is currently at a crossroads. In the 2017 Legislative Session, we have the chance to pass meaningful legislation that will protect the LGBT community from discrimination. We can also leverage recent positive court decisions on abortion rights to deflect the attacks occurring in our state. If we fail to act, right-wing extremists will undo the progress we've made by insisting their personal religious beliefs justify them in denying the right of others. We must stand shoulder to shoulder and fight these attacks together. Learn more and sign up to be an Equality First Responder.

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Dignity. Equality. Freedom. These values bind LGBT and abortion rights as causes in common.

Attacks on abortion rights

Recently, both the US Supreme Court and District Courts have blocked new restrictions on abortion right from taking effect, deeming them unconstitutional. The recent rulings exposed the lies behind extremist Tallahassee politicians' crusade to control women's bodies. Still, right-wing politicians in Florida are preparing to back anti-abortion legislation in the upcoming session.

Attacks on LBGT rights

The politicians seeking to limit access to safe and legal abortions are the same people who have been at the center of the anti-LGBT backlash this past year, introducing sweeping religious exemptions bills that would have allowed for-profit companies, day-care centers, and adoption agencies the right to refuse goods and services to LGBT Floridians, women, even interfaith and interracial couples.

Causes in Common

Abortion rights and LGBT rights are causes in common. In addition to the same right-wing extremists blocking abortion access and LGBT rights in Florida, LGBT people are hurt by anti-choice legislation, and legal victories for reproductive rights benefit LGBT movements.

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