Telecommunications Tower Ordinance

Telecommunications Tower Ordinance


Application Review $ 5,000
Administrative Review  $ 2,000
Variance $    100
Collocations, Substantial Modifications, Monopole or Replacement Poles in public right-of-way and/or carrier on wheels in place for over 120 days. $ 2,000
County or Emergency Service Towers $        0


If you are considering placing a telecommunication tower in Transylvania County, you must adhere to the requirements of this ordinance.  

A Telecommunication Tower is defined as - Any tower or structure erected for the purpose of supporting one or more antennas designed to transmit or receive signals (e.g., telephonic, radio, television or microwave) and antennas or other devices affixed thereto.

No tower over fifty (50) feet shall be constructed, reconstructed or expanded until a Transylvania County tower permit is obtained.  No tower shall exceed one hundred, eighty (180) feet in height.

Telecommunication Tower Application.  Download the application, fill it out and mail along with supporting documentation to: 

Transylvania County
Planning and Community Development
98 E. Morgan Street
Brevard, NC  28712