Community Appearance Initiative

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The Transylvania County Commissioners adopted a voluntary Community Appearance Initiative.  

The goals of this voluntary program are:

  • Preserve and protect property rights
  • Preserve and protect the natural beauty of Transylvania County
  • Promote and protect the health and safety of citizens of Transylvania County.
  • Promote economic development while protecting individuals and businesses from burdensome regulations.

Program Mission

Transylvania County will assist citizens to remove and dispose of abandoned manufactured housing, junked / abandoned motor vehicles and junk. The County will also assist owners of junkyards with vegetative screening efforts. The County will help identify areas for improvement, coordinate efforts and may provide financial assistance in some cases to aid in this effort. The County will provide information for citizens and junkyard owners about the program, will establish an advisory council and appoint an administrator.

Program Scope and Priorities

The program will apply to abandoned manufactured homes, junked/abandoned motor vehicles, junk and junkyards visible from state roads. Priority will be given to safety and health and to the major corridors in the County; U.S. 64, U.S.178, U.S. 276, NC 215 and NC 280. The program is not intended to apply to junk brought into the County after the beginning of the program.

For more information about this program and how to participate contact Jeff Brookshire, Director of Solid Waste at 884-5011 or email

Transylvania County Solid Waste