New 2025 Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range guide for making development and policy decisions based upon the growth preferences of the public and elected officials of Transylvania County. The comprehensive plan evaluates existing conditions, projects growth and development patterns, and identifies needs and assets of the community. Furthermore, the comprehensive plan establishes a vision for the county and sets goals and objectives to achieve this vision. The comprehensive plan considers all seven of the basic planning elements (population growth, housing, economic development, natural resources, transportation, community facilities and services, and land use) as well as defines character traits that are unique to Transylvania County (e.g. recreation, tourism, health). The comprehensive plan is not a regulatory document, but is a guide for policy and development decisions over the next 10 years.
The 2025 Transylvania County Comprehensive Plan will guide growth and development by addressing three main questions: (1) what is the current condition of Transylvania County; (2) what do we want Transylvania County look and feel like in 10 years; and (3) what needs to happen to achieve this?


2005 Comprehensive Plan

Download a copy of the current comprehensive plan.

Check out the 2005 Comprehensive Plan Review and Matrix to see how goals were met.

2025 Comprehensive Plan

-November 5, 2015 Summary Survey Report

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-Marketing / Public Participation Plan

-August 27, 2015 Community Open Houses Report

-April 28, 2015 Public Input Meeting Report

-April 28, 2015 Presentation

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